"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


   The following comparisons are based on analyzing how long it takes to get to each of the following points on the map below, both with the Pulse Plan and with LeeTran's current operation.  These points were chosen because they are the farthest parts of the LeeTran system.  All other points in the system will be along the routes leading to these farthest points, so this is a good way to see how the system actually performs "from end to end."

  A look at the comparison chart below will show how the Pulse Plan is able to save hours off a passenger's "travel time."  Darker shades of green (or black) will indicate that more time is saved in these instances, while lighter shades of green will indicate a lesser time was saved.  Conclusions are summarized at the bottom of the graph -- 38% less travel time and 27% less wait time throughout the system than is available presently, and more than double the ways of getting to one's  destination!  Whichever way one goes from any origin to any destination, the Pulse Plan saves over an hour in a passenger's travel tim

  The above graph is based upon an analysis of LeeTran's schedules compared with the Timed Transfer Pulse System as shown below.  To investigate a particular analysis of the routes below, just right-click on a link and open in a new tab.