"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

  The Pulse Plan applies the principles of Pulse to the Sunday schedule, even though less than half of LeeTran's weekday routes are operational and headways are typically doubled from roughly an hour to two hours.  We want to cover as much area, provide the shortest durations and offer the best service possible with a limited amount of buses.  Below are a depiction of the improvements offered:

1)  Greater coverage in Cape Coral is offered, centering on providing service to Sunsplash Water Park on Santa Barbara.  Three [3] routes will converge there to provide transportation from the north (590 Route,) from the south (the 330 Route,) and from the east (320 Route.)

2)  The 330 Route will provide direct service from the Bell Tower to Camelot Isles while also traveling the length of Santa Barbara Blvd to Sunsplash and back.  

3)  The 120 Route from the Edison Mall to Camelot Isles will be retired; instead, the 320 route will offer hourly service from the Edison Mall to Cape Coral Hospital, Sunsplash and Cape Coral High School.  

4)  Extended coverage in Lehigh Acres is offered, from Homestead Rd. to E 12th St.  

5)  The headway of the 95 (100) Route will be decreased from 90 minutes to 60 minutes, simply by having it meet up every hour with the 15 Route at Michigan and Marsh.

6)  The 250 can diverge to the Hilton Alico Hotel, offering better service to Florida Gulf Coast University and Gulf Coast Town Center on Sundays.

7)  The 600 Route was given a 60-minute headway so that it could meet with the 140 Bus every hour at Coconut Pointe.  That way, there is no delay for passengers heading into Bonita Springs.  The 650 Route was reconstructed so that it could meet with the 600 Bus every hour at Crown Lake Blvd. near the intersection of US 41 and Bonita Beach Road.  Every half-hour, it alternates between Lover's Key, Bonita Grande and Creekside Naples.  This way, it can meet with the 600 Bus hourly although it itself is a 90-minute route.  The 650 Bus is timed where it meets with the 400 Bus every 90 minutes at Lover's Key, it meets the CAT Bus every 90 minutes at Creekside Naples and every 90 minutes it services Bonita Grande Shopping Center.