"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 650

  The east-west 650 Route presently has a ninety-minute headway, which makes it problematic to meet up with the north-south 600-240 Route, which has a sixty minute headway.  This difficulty is resolved with the following solution which offers eight trips to Lover's Key and five trips to Bonita Grande:

  The northbound and southbound 240-600 Buses come to Reynolds and Old 41 within minutes of each other (between :14 and :20 after the hour.)  The 650 Bus simply waits at Reynolds to pick up those passengers from the 240-600 buses and takes them on their east-west journey.

  There is about fifteen minutes extra time on the return trip from Bonita Grande where the 650 Bus can pick up passengers in the residential area off Pennsylvania Avenue.

  The 650 solves the problem of hourly east-west service from the 240-600 Route.  All patrons have to do is to consult their schedule to see at what time the 650 departs for Lover's Key or Bonita Grande, and of course, the 650's passengers always have access to the 240-600 Bus, both northbound and southbound every hour.  
  One last thing -- the 650 is designed to maximize an express route coming down from Lehigh Acres and FGCU to Lovers Key and Creekside, effectively cutting travel time from E 12th and Joel to Lover's Key from eight hours round-trip to only four hours!

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