"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Cape Coral

  Cape Coral is currently served by four routes, each with its own different headway.  The strategy of the Pulse Plan is to create routes of the same headway so that all the routes can meet up on a regular basis to exchange passengers throughout the day.  A site at or near the Cape Coral Hospital would be ideal to accomplish this goal.  Here is an aerial shot of the land near Cape Hospital.  Buses could line
up in front of the hospital near the yellow line, or if need be, a transfer hub could be established off SE13th Ct.

  Here are how the route lengths should be evened up to meet at Cape Coral Hospital all at the same time:

  And here is a map showing how the restructured routes would look like:

  To see an animation on how the buses would run their routes, please refer to the Cape Animation!

  Running Cape Coral in this manner would guarantee an unprecedented Equal Access to all points within Cape Coral and throughout the County!