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Cape Coral Routes

  Cape Coral routes have the astounding capability of being perfectly synchronized throughout the length and breadth of the city.  The Cape Coral Hospital is the perfect midpoint for the 320, 340 and the 370 to meet.  There, passengers can transfer to any bus they please.  The Cape Coral Transfer Center is the southern counterpart to the Cape Coral Hospital.  Both the eastbound and westbound 330s are able to pick up passengers from the 320 and the 340 within the span of three or four minutes as they travel down Cape Coral Parkway.  Between these two foci (Cape Coral Hospital and Cape Coral Parkway,) all transfers in the Cape can be accomplished easily and reliably.

320 Route -- offers a 60-minute headway instead of an 80-minute headway as is the case now.  Serves the whole length of Country Club Boulevard, instead of just half of Country Club.  Provides a 19-minute express run from the Edison Mall to the Cape Coral Hospital.

330 Route -- two buses travel hourly from the Bell Tower to Camelot Isles and back, making connections with the 340, 320 and 370 along the way.

340 Route -- services mid-Cape Coral along Santa Barbara Boulevard and Pine Island Road.  Access to Sunsplash Water Park, Cape Coral Technical Institute and Nicholas High School.  Not only does the 340 Bus meet with every other Cape Coral route hourly, but it also meets with the 595 Bus off North Del Prado, both to pick up and drop off passengers.

370 Route -- travels down the busiest part of Cape Coral -- Del Prado Boulevard.  The 370 also interfaces with the 595 Route on Hancock Bridge Parkway and Orange Grove Boulevard going both directions, north and south.  In fact, the 595 helps to shorten the 370's headway by taking off the loop in Waterway Estates on Orange Grove Boulevard from the southbound trip, making the 370's headway 120 minutes instead of 125 minutes -- all part of the master plan to have LeeTran's routes comply with the Scope of Work's mandate to establish "clock-time."

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