"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

West Lake Shuttle

The West Lake Shuttle is a service provided by Florida Gulf Coast University.  It makes sense to coordinate efforts and establish a partnership between the County and the University to service passengers traveling near Gulf Coast Town Center.  A scheduled interface between the University and LeeTran would require no change in the West Lake's present service, although the University could help itself (and LeeTran) by picking up students at the Hilton Hotel, (only three minutes away from West Lake Village Apartments.)  The following is the West Lake Shuttle's present service schedule meeting with the 260 Bus near West Lake Village: 

  Having the West Lake Trolley meet with LeeTran outside the University could result in the following schedules at FGCU, basically resulting in service every 30 minutes instead of every 85 minutes:

  If the University met LeeTran at the Hilton Hotel, this would be the interface with the West Lake Trolley:

  Of course, it would entirely voluntary whether FGCU would be interested in picking up its students at the Alico Hotel, but it would save passengers (their students) an hour on a round-trip to Lehigh Acres and back!  Possibly the County might consider an arrangement with FGCU to help with any financial aspects of this service.

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