"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route Schedules

   The directives for the Consultants for the Transit Development Plan are specified by the "Final LeeTran COA TDP Scope of Work:"  (Available here as a .pdf file.)  In this "Scope of Work,"
the following points are enumerated:

     Operational assessment
     The purpose of the operational assessment is to analyze route productivity 
     and performance. It should identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities 
     for each route. A line-by-line analysis and service-operating summary must be 
     connected for each route with at minimum the following items:

      Service span: This analysis focuses on the fit and demand for hours of service for each route.
      Frequency: This analysis focuses on the fit and demand for existing frequency of each route. This
     analysis should help prioritize routes for resource optimization and redistribution.
      Alignment/segment analysis: This analysis looks at the productivity and effectiveness of each
     route segment. This analysis should help identify potential segment candidates for realignment.

     "An evaluation of system performance must also be conducted with at minimum 
     the following items:
      Transfers/connections: The Consultant should evaluate where passengers are 
     transferring, distribution of transfers between routes, and how effective 
     connections are at key transfer locations."

      Clock-face scheduling: The Consultant must employ clockface scheduling. All headways should be set to 
     15, 30, or 60 minutes, or another comparable set of headways as feasible.  

  The Pulse Plan offers solutions for all these points of investigation.  The following chart identifies hours of service, frequency and headway for all of LeeTran's routes.  Present LeeTran routes are identified in the "old" column, and the proposals for service for the Pulse Plan are identified in the "new" columns:

  We can identify one problem in LeeTran's basic operation under the "Average Headway (Old)" column.  LeeTran's headways are erratic, not at all according to "clock time."  Only eight routes are multiples of 60 minutes [the 15, 20, 100, 130, 30, 400, 110 and 515] out of twenty-two routes (that is a 36% compliance.)  But notice the Pulse Plan's headways!  Every single route is a multiple of 60 (a 100% compliance.)  "Clocktime" is important because it provides the basis for routes to synchronize with each other throughout the entire service day! 
  The Pulse Plan has a 2% increase in operating hours.  This is needed to have the 340 Bus help out the drivers of the 140 bus with recovery time on a extra 140 run, and also the 595 bus makes a late run from the Cape Coral Hospital to the Edison Mall at 9:39pm and ending up at the Edison Mall just at 10pm.