"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

1. Trunkline and Feeder (Present LeeTran Model:)

   The trunkline and feeder system is a rudimentary transit system, not very efficient due to the fact that the trunk route and feeder routes are not usually synchronized, causing major delays in transfers from route to route!  This is LeeTran's preferred system.  Their philosophy of transit is "We don't need our routes to be synchronized because the more frequency the system has, the less synchronization matters."  This attitude guarantees the present long durations, low numbers of trips and long wait times between buses.  It's also the most expensive way of improving transit!  The TDP plans to have two more buses serving the main trunk line, (at a cost of an extra million dollars,) with outlying routes bringing in passengers from from time to time from "mobility-on-demand" areas.  One characteristic of the trunkline and feeder system is that it takes a noticeably long time to get to where one is going if one lives very far from the main trunk line!
2. The Grid System
  LeeTran proposed a grid system in 2018, but the Commissioners balked at the multi-million dollar price tag of buying dozens of new buses (not to mention funding the increased operating budget year after year after year.)  The grid system is better suited to high and dense populations centers where there is a high demand for transit services, not at all for Lee County where suburban sprawl is more characteristic of the area.

3. Pulse System

  The Pulse System runs on a synchronized schedule where buses meet each other throughout the day.  Transfers between buses are timed out before-hand so that passengers can easily go from one bus to another on an hourly (clock-face) schedule.  The Pulse System is ideal for Lee County because 1) its cheap and 2) it's efficient!  Here is how transit planner Jarrett Walker describes the Pulse System:

  Lee County's neighbors to the north and south, Collier County and Sarasota County, already have Pulse Systems running in their areas, which attests to this system's popularity and functionality.