"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  Transfer points help passengers get to where they need to go easily and reliably.  Below is a list of all LeeTran's present meetpoints, published on their own schedules (with the points of over 100 meets highlighted in yellow:)

  There exists roughly 940 meetpoints in LeeTran's system;  however, t
he Pulse Plan nearly triples the number of meets of LeeTran's present plan!  In addition to the hubs of Bell Tower, Edison Mall, Rosa Parks and Merchant's Crossing, where there are over 100 meets, we include also:  Cape Coral Hospital, Michigan and Marsh, Palm Beach and Marsh and Summerlin at San Carlos.  Here are the Pulse Plan meetpoints:

  Not only does the existence of transfer points facilitates the transfer of passengers throughout the system, but transfer points also result in shorter transit times, better headway times and more numbers of trips.  Here is a map detailing the transfer points throughout Lee County by both the LeeTran and Pulse Plan: 

  We can see that more transfer points result in the "spider's web" alluded to earlier in the "Connectivity" page!  

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