"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


    The Pulse Plan relies on buses meeting with each other on a predictable, precise schedule.  Just as precision is needed in the exchange of a baton between runners in a relay race, so too must schedules also be precisely aligned.  Take for instance the meeting of the 595 and 370 Buses at Pondella and Orange Grove Blvd. in North Fort Myers.

  Since these buses have different headways,  the two buses are not able to sustain meets throughout the day.  However, the fix is easy to remedy -- if we give the 370 Route a 120-minute circuit, instead of a 125-minute circuit, the two buses could meet together all day long!  (See proposed route in yellow on the right-hand side.)

  Should any passenger have to wait an hour or more to be able to board his or her connecting bus?  The Pulse Plan says, "No!"  Such a planning of schedules before the transfer of passengers between bus routes is one of the most basic and fundamental tenets of the Pulse Plan.

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