"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  A major feature of the Sunday Pulse Plan is its service of Sunsplash Water Park in Cape Coral.  Thus, the following question was asked of LeeTran:

  This answer, of course, evades the main thrust of the question why Sunsplash should not be serviced on Sundays!  It also exemplifies LeeTran's practice of providing answers that don't quite make sense!  For example, Sunday service utilizes less than half of the normal amount of buses used on the weekdays.  It makes sense, with resources so low, to modify schedules to provide the best possible service to the customer.  What is the rationale for "getting away" from modified schedules?  Is whatever rationale more important than the service one is providing?  If service is not the primary goal of the agency, then why are TDPs executed (and major money spent) to determine how service can best be improved?  Apparently, LeeTran does not believe that Sunsplash Water Park merits inclusion into "communities served" or as a "connection to key activities," nor does it consider Cape Coral as a part of the County where its government should be supported to bring in financial resources to that municipality.
  Incidentally, one area where schedule modifications can and do work is off Palm Beach Boulevard, where Routes 15 and 95 meet at Michigan and Marsh to provide hourly service to Riverdale Shopping Center.  Presently, LeeTran has only bus running to Riverdale on Sunday (instead of its weekday three buses,) so its headway is ninety minutes long!  But because the Pulse Plan has the 15 and 95 buses working together instead of working independently of each other, headways of sixty minutes instead of ninety minutes are the result.  If frequency is so important to LeeTran, why favor ninety-minute frequencies instead of sixty-minute frequencies?  And with the Pulse Plan, no new buses are added to increase the operational budget, as is the case with running the 130 Bus on Sundays!
  It appears that LeeTran is arguing in circles!  One moment they are arguing that frequency is more important than coverage, or that retaining schedules is more important than providing higher frequencies, or that parking lots are more important than establishing meet points!  There is no consistency in these explanations.  Lee County citizens deserve better!
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