"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

  The Pulse Plan applies the principles of Pulse to the Sunday schedule (especially the principle of using clockface scheduling!)  The Pulse Plan offers 45% quicker travel times with the same amount of buses that LeeTran has presently!  (That means where it presenty takes LeeTran an hour to get someone to their destination, the Pulse Plan takes only 33 minutes!)  And there is also a 45% reduction in wait time for a bus from 60 minutes to 33 minutes!  The extra 10.4 man-hours that the Pulse Plan uses on Sunday will cost only an extra $38,000 a year:

  With these extra man-hours, the Pulse Plan offers unprecedented sixty-minute headways on all routes, and the widest possible coverage, with service to Sunsplash Water Park and E 12th St at Joel Blvd.   Below is a comparison between the services offered by LeeTran and the Pulse Plan:

1)  Greater coverage on Santa Barbara Blvd. in Cape Coral is offered, centering on providing service to Sunsplash Water Park.  The 340 Route provides transportation to the north (where it meets with the 370 Route on North Del Prado,) to the south (where it meets with the 330 Route at the Publix store at 47th and Santa Barbara,) and to the east (where it meets with the 320 Route heading to the Edison Mall at Cape Coral High School.)

2)  The 120 Route (with its 100-minute headways) will be retired; instead, the 320 route will offer hourly service from the Edison Mall to Cape Coral Hospital, Sunsplash and Cape Coral High School.  

4)  Extended coverage in Lehigh Acres will be offered, from Homestead Rd. to E 12th St, offering service to patrons which have no coverage under LeeTran's present service.  

5)  Instead of one bus, two buses will service the 250 Route, providing one-hour headways (instead of 135-minute headways!)  This is well worth the extra cost, since the Airport and the Beach are major destinations on Sunday.

6)  The 250 Route in the east will travel to the Gulf Coast Town Center, offering better service to Florida Gulf Coast University on Sundays.

7)  The 250 Route on the west will service Times Square on Fort Myers Beach, eliminating the need to have an extra 490 Bus.

8)  The 650 Route services Crown Lake off Bonita Beach Road every hour, offering timely trips to Lovers Key, Creekside and Bonita Grande.

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