"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

  These are all the Sunday routes with their schedules and maps:

Route 15-140 (Four Buses)

The 15-140 is an interline, designed to allow sufficient break time for the 140 drivers.

Route 95 (One Bus)

Route 250 (Two Buses)
  The Route 250 will have two buses to reduce the 135-minute headway of LeeTran's present service to 60 minutes, offering much better coverage to the Airport and Fort Myers Beach!

Route 320/ Route 710 (Three Buses)

Route 330 (One Bus)

Route 340 (One Bus)

Route 370 (Two Buses)

Route 410 (One Bus - off-season)

Route 590 (One Bus)

Route 650 (One Bus)

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