"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  The destination points analyzed for South Lee County are indicated on the map above.  Here is a summation of the analysis:

  Notice the number of cells above which are black.  These indicate savings in duration in excess of one hour going one-way between origins and destinations, and in some cases they indicate a savings over two and a half hours!  The Pulse Plan saves 260% more time on average between our destination points than the present plan.  In what used to take an hour to get to any destination, now takes only 23 minutes with the Pulse Plan.  And frequency of routes has been increased by over 150%.  Using 60 minutes as the average for LeeTran's headway, the Pulse Plan's headway is only 39 minutes.  And where ten trips existed before, there now exists over 16 trips!  In about 70% of the cases, transit time was shortened by one-half hour or more, and in about a third of the cases, transit time was shortened by more than one hour!

  Here are the actual schedule analyses for the Pulse Plan as compared with the present plan in South Lee County (just right-click and open in a new tab:)

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