"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


   Schedule analysis is simply a way to see exactly how a system functions in getting a passenger to his or her destination in the most efficient way, how often a bus arrives to pick up that passenger and how many times a day that bus arrives at a pick-up point.   It is a useful tool to see exactly how a proposed change to a route will impact other parts of the system.  For example, if the 600 Sunday route were delayed by a half-hour in the afternoon, how would this impact Sunday service?  We calculate its effect through "schedule analysis."  (Refer to the actual analysis summarized below by referring to each origin and destination files -- those that reference "Creekside" -- in the Sunday analysis.)

  In the graph above, we see that we can add nine more trips to service southbound to Creekside by delaying the 600 Route's schedule by one-half hour.  On the negative side we lose two trips from Creekside to Riverdale and Creekside to Lehigh in the late afternoon.  On the whole, we can say that the one-half hour delay is justified because we gain a net of nine extra trips and two extra hours of service to Creekside by doing so.
  Let's see how our analyses compare: