"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 95 (formerly Route 100)

  The 95 Route is shown as the bright red route in the graphic below.  It offers a thirty-minute headway down Palm Beach Boulevard, Marsh Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.  Additionally, it travels down West First Street to pick up and deliver passengers there.

   The thirty minute headway is ideal for the Pulse System.  The 95 Route meets with the 25 Route at Eastside Shopping Center on the corner of Marsh and Palm Beach for those passengers wishing to head straight into downtown Fort Myers.  Interface at Michigan-Marsh offers passengers the most flexibility to travel down Edison or Michigan Avenues without traveling all the way to Rosa Parks.  Passengers from Palm Beach can even travel up to the Colonial WalMart via the 105 Bus without having to go to the Edison Mall, saving an hour on their time on the bus!  Moreover, an average round-trip from Riverdale to Lehigh Homestead and back with the present system takes a passenger over four and a half hours, but with the Pulse Plan, using a well-timed access to the 105 at Michigan and Marsh, a round-trip from Riverdale to Lehigh Homestead and back could take as little as two and half hours, thus saving two hours of bus-riding!  Shouldn't every passenger have the option to plan his or her trip to save as much time as possible? 
  Here is the Monday to Friday Schedule for the 95 Route:

  And here is the schedule for Saturday:

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