"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 715 -- Multipurpose Route

   The 715 Route is designed to perform three different functions:  1) as an extended route picking up passengers in the early morning and later evening in the outlying areas of Lehigh Acres, 2) as a circulator route traveling up and down Joel Boulevard to E 12th Street, and 3) as an express route transporting passengers from Lehigh Acres to the Hilton Garden Hotel off Alico Road, from which the Airport, FGCU and Gulf Coast Town Center are easily accessible.  In the map below, 1) the extended route is a dotted green line, 2) the circulator route is a solid green line, and 3) the express route is a solid red line:   

  The 715 is able to perform all three functions because it is timed to do so at particular times of the day, as the following schedule demonstrates with the 1) extended route in yellow, 2) the circulator route in green and 3) the express route in orange:

  The express route is a very important feature of the Pulse Plan, which saves transit patrons literal hours in their travels around the County!  For example, it presently takes LeeTran an average of 8.7 hours (523 minutes) to transport a passenger round-trip from E 12th Street to Lovers Key.  The Pulse Plan, on the other hand, takes only four hours!  In other words, the Pulse Plan can get a passenger from Lehigh Acres to Lovers Key and back in less time than it takes LeeTran getting the Lehigh passenger to Lovers Key going just one way!

  In the same way, the Pulse Plan can save Lehigh passengers hours in their trips to the Airport, FGCU and Creekside, too.  All of the times of duration, headway and number of trips have been computed and analyzed at the following link: