"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 710

  The 710 Route is Lehigh Acres' only way to access the LeeTran system!  The 710 Route has a one hour headway and utilizes two buses for hourly service back and forth between Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres.
  Presently, the 110 Bus takes a ten-minute break at the Edison Mall and another ten-minute break at Homestead Plaza.  The Pulse Plan better coordinates the 710 Route with the 715 Route by having the 710 take the majority of its break time in Lehigh Acres rather than at the Edison Mall, with three minutes allotted at the Edison Mall and seventeen allotted in Lehigh Acres.  This allows the 715 to complete its circuit down Joel Blvd and return in time for the 110 Bus' departure at :02 past the hour.  In effect, what this does is to double the meets between the 710 and 715 buses.  Whereas LeeTran's schedule has the 110 and 515 buses meeting only sixteen times a day at :40 past the hour, the Pulse Plan has the 710 and 715 Buses meeting sixteen times both at the bottom of the hour and also at :02 after the hour.  In having the routes meet in this way, enough time is gained to run four express trips to the Hilton Garden Hotel on Alico Road and back with little appreciable loss in service in Lehigh!

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