"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 110

  The 110 Route services Lehigh Acres and at present is the only connection that Lehigh Acres has to access the LeeTran system.  (For information on how Lehigh could have an extra route connection to South Fort Myers, please see Route 115.)  The 110 Route has a one hour headway and utilizes two buses for hourly service back and forth between Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres.
  Presently, the 110 Bus takes a ten-minute break at the Edison Mall and another ten-minute break at Homestead Plaza.  The Pulse Plan better coordinates the 110 Route with the 115 Route by having the 110 take the majority of its break time in Lehigh Acres rather than at the Edison Mall, with three minutes allotted at the Edison Mall and seventeen allotted in Lehigh Acres.  This allows the 115 to complete its circuit down Joel Blvd and return in time for the 110 Bus's departure at :32 past the hour.

The 110 Route interfaces with the 180 Route for recovery time at 9:10, 12:10, 3:10 and 6:10 by dropping off its passengers at the intersection of Colonial and Metro for the 180 to pick up to take in to the Edison Mall.  

It picks up its passengers again off Metro Parkway just before Colonial Blvd.

  This passing-off of passengers gives the 110 driver important recovery time.  Of course, it would be possible also to have on-call drivers at the Edison Mall take over the bus at these stops, but the Pulse Plan was designed to have as little impact on the day-to-day operations that LeeTran currently has in place.

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