"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 710

  The 110 Route is Lehigh Acres' only way to access the LeeTran system!  Even with all the recommendations from the 2020 TDP, the 110 Bus will still be the only bus route that will connect Lehigh Acres with the rest of the LeeTran system -- and the result is interminable (up to four and a half extra hours) travel durations (see Transit Time Comparisons!)
  The Timed Transfer Pulse Plan, on the other hand, provides the people of Lehigh Acres with three different ways to exit and enter their city, (west to Fort Myers via the 710, south to the Airport via the 715 and north to Alva and the Riverdale Shopping Center via the 720,) and... these routes operate every hour on the hour!

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