"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 600 - LinC

  The 600 links Lee County and Collier County.  At one time the two County schedules were synchronized with each other, but it appears Collier Area Transit may have made changes to their own schedules unilaterally.  In any event, Lee County, in November of 2018 accommodated Collier with a change in schedule that created connectivity problems at Lover's Key, and decreased the number of trips in South Lee County.  While the Pulse Plan always favors connectivity, one transit system ought not move unilaterally to disrupt the other system's efficiency if those two systems depend on each other to make service.  Lee County is always ready to work with any other county, but it should be realized that Lee County has twice as many routes to configure and is the center for the International Airport as well.  It's Collier County that is dependent on Lee County for its inter-county transit, not the other way around!

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