"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 595

  The 595 route is designed to have a high integration with the Cape Coral routes, picking up and dropping off with the 340 bus on North Del Prado at NE 3rd Terrace, and doing the same with the southbound 370 Bus at Orange Grove and Pondella Road.  It also has a connection with the southbound 140 Bus at US 41 and Pondella, and of course, it meets every hour with the 590 Bus at Merchant's Crossing.

  The 595 Bus takes over the Waterway Estates area from the 370 Route, which picks up those passengers to hand them off to the 370 Route at Orange Grove and Pondella.  One of the neat things about this configuration of the 595 is that people who live off Orange Grove Blvd. in Tropic Isles and in Waterway Estates, can have a westward trip to the Target at Pine Island Rd. because the southbound 370 Bus has been re-designed to head in this direction.  This trip is not possible with LeeTran's present service without taking hours to wait for a bus on North Del Prado or to walk the distance from Hancock Bridge to Pine Island Rd.  Moreover, there is a 30-minute headway for North Del Prado, Orange Grove Blvd and Hancock Bridge Parkway, instead of LeeTran's present 60-minute headway, so it's twice the amount of service with the same amount of buses.

  For its final trip, the 595 heads south to Rosa Parks from Pondella Road.  This is better than LeeTran's wasting 25 minutes with the 590 Bus idling at Merchants Crossing with nothing better to do than to fritter its time away!

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