"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 590

  The 590 and 595 Routes are LeeTran's attempt to show that "better frequency means better service."  To show that this is not always in fact the case we offer the NFM Schedule Analysis.  In this analysis we show that four out of five times, the Pulse Plan has improved the time for passenger traveling in the Cape Coral - North Fort Myers area even though presently LeeTran has the North Fort Myers routes running 17% faster!
  Simply stated, frequency by itself is not enough.  There has to be a cooperation and a harmony between routes, especially for a small-market transit system such as exists in Lee County.  Lee County cannot afford running buses every 10-15 minutes as in New York City, and practicality demands that one make best use of what one has.
  The Pulse Plan has the 590 running on a 60-minute headway, not every 50 minutes, so it can better integrate with the rest of the system.  With ten more minutes added to the route, the 590 is able to service the VA Hospital (along with the 595) every hour.

  This is how the 590 and 595 (comparing both current and Pulse Plans) interface at Merchant's Crossing:

  There is practically the same number of meets between the two systems, so we may say that both systems have reached the upper limit of meets at Merchant's Crossing.  

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