"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 400
  The Fort Myers Beach Route is the second-most used route in the LeeTran system, after the 140 trunk line, with over a half-million rides a year.
  With the Pulse Plan, the 400 Route has been designed so that every time the Trolley enters into the Beach Park and Ride, a 250 or 255 Bus is there waiting for it.  It does not matter if there are two trolleys or three trolleys in operation, a bus heading back into town will always be waiting at Summerlin Square for those passengers!
Two Trolley Operation

Beach Park and Ride Meetsheet

  During season, when the 400 Route is broken into the 410 and 490 Routes, the "more trips are better" policy that LeeTran has enacted to streamline the 490 operation is warranted because of the excessive volume of people being moved and also because it is more difficult to hold to a schedule at that time of the year.  Nevertheless, during normal operating times of the year, the Pulse Plan saves the customer more time and is actually the more efficient plan!

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