"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 370  
  Route 370 (in black below) has been re-routed to Merchants Crossing and Rosa Parks, as the 140 Route will no longer be servicing North Fort Myers.  Additionally, it has been interlined with the 330 Route (in red) to offer better break times.

  Tindale-Oliver believed that routing the 370 through Merchants Crossing was possible.  Google Maps seems to bear this out, although actual physical timing of the route will be necessary to determine precise times.  
  Passengers in North Fort Myers will have their access to Rosa Parks curtailed from three trips per hour to two trips per hour, but, access to Cape Coral will be improved from one trip per hour to two trips per hour;  travel times will be significantly increased as well.
  The 370 meets up with the 595 and the other 370 Bus on N. Del Prado.  Both 370 Buses can drop off and receive passengers from the 595, so this provides access to Cape Tech, Del Prado south and Merchants Crossing for passengers on all three buses!  Additionally, the 370 southbound picks up passengers from the 590 Bus at Hart and Bayshore, so passengers from Suncoast Estates can head into Rosa Parks, Cape Tech or south on Del Prado at that pickup location.  The main idea for the 370 in North Fort Myers is to offer customers multiple options to multiple destinations, not just to offer a mere three trips to Rosa Parks every hour.

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