"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 370
  Route 370 is essentially the same as it is now except it does not do the Waterway Estates loop on its southbound trip back to Cape Coral.  The reason why it does not is because presently it is a 125-minute route and we want to bring it into conformity with the 60-minute rule, making it a multiple of 60 minutes, therefore 120 minutes would be its ideal duration.  The six-minute Waterway loop is taken off the 370 Route and given to the 595 Route who hands off these passengers to the 370 at 2327 Hancock Bridge Pkwy at :33 past the hour.
  The 370 meets with the 330 Buses between :04 and :14 past the hour at the Cape Coral Transfer Center, with the 340 and 320 buses at :37 to  :39 past the hour at the Cape Coral Hospital and with the 15, 25 and 95 buses at :11 past the hour at Rosa Parks.  It also can transfer its passengers to the 595 Bus at :52 past the hour at Orange Grove and Pondella.

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