"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 370  
  Route 370 is essentially the same as it is now except it does not do the Waterway Estates loop on its southbound trip back to Cape Coral.  Instead it travels westbound on Pondella to the end, west on Pine Island Road, then north on Del Prado.  One reason why the 370 Route has been re-routed this way is that it offers a 30-minute headway in and around North Del Prado, Tropic Isles and Waterway Estates.  The traffic pattern for public transit can travel in a counter-clockwise fashion around this loop every half-hour, instead of every 65 minutes as is the case at present.

  Anyone can access any point on North Del Prado, Hancock Bridge Parkway, SE 24th Avenue, Birkdale and Orange Grove Blvd and get to where they need to go within the loop in half an hour's time.  For example, a student at North Fort Myers High School could catch the 595E Bus at :52 past the hour, transfer to the 370S at Orange Grove and Pondella at :01 past the hour, transfer to the 370N Bus at Hancock Bridge Parkway or Cape Coral Hospital at about :10 past the hour and be in Waterway Estates at :17 past the hour.

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