"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 340

  The 340 Bus services northeast Cape Coral, including Nicholas High School, Cape Tech, North Del Prado, Cape Coral Hospital, Cape Coral Post Office and City Hall.  

Route 340

  The 340 Bus meets with the 320 and the 335 Bus at Lowe's at :07-:09 past the hour.  It meets with the 335 Bus at Cape Tech at :24 after the hour, and it meets with the 595 Bus at NE 3rd Terrace at :36 past the hour.
  Here is the scheduling for the 340 Route:  

  At the 5am hour and the 7pm hour, the 340 devotes part of its time in servicing the outlying areas of Cape Coral on Tropicana and Embers Parkways, near Mariner High School (yellow-green dashed line.)

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