"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 340

  The 340 Bus interfaces with both of the 330 Buses at Santa Barbara and 47th Terrace between :07 and :08 past the hour, saving precious minutes from having to travel to the Cape Coral Transfer Center.  As a result, on its northbound trip on Santa Barbara, the 340 can pick up passengers at Cape Tech and Nicholas High School on its way to the Cape Hospital, affording passengers a quick transfer to anywhere in the County at that transfer point.
  A 12-minute break occurs at the RaceTrac gas station by NE 3rd St. off Del Prado.  There, passengers can be picked up and dropped off with the 595 Bus between :17 and :29 past the hour.  

  Across the street at NE 6th St., transfers to the 595 Route heading into North Fort Myers can occur for passengers heading for Target, Lowe's and Publix at the stores near the Del Prado - Pine Island intersection.

  Here is the scheduling for the 340 Route.  The main route runs all day from 5:20am to 8:46pm.  A morning and afternoon auxiliary route affords a 60-minute headway.  The morning route runs from 6:29am to 10:38am, and the afternoon route runs from 2:29pm to 5:46pm:

  This pulse route also offers double the frequency than does LeeTran's present operation to Cape Coral Hospital from Sunsplash, Cape Tech and Nicholas High School, offering a 40-minute headway going to Cape Coral Hospital. 

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