"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 330

  The 330 is the principle route in South Cape Coral.  In addition, it is also the most important route for the Pulse Plan in South Cape Coral because it is the route by which all other transfers are made.  Every hour, the 330 Buses meets the 370, 340 and it picks up all passengers from the 320 Bus at 47th Terrace and SE 5th Av.  In making these pickups and drop offs on Cape Coral Parkway, it actually becomes in itself a "Cape Coral Transfer Center" --- on wheels!
  Within the span of five minutes, between :05 and :10 after the hour, all the routes meet the 330 Buses
along Cape Coral Parkway.  While most buses just sit at a transfer center, the 330 is actively exchanging passengers as it makes its way down Cape Coral Parkway.  If we could envision the 330 as its own transfer center, this is what its meet sheet would look like (with 181 meets per day:)

  And this is what the present meet sheet at the Cape Coral Transfer Center looks like, with only 33 meets a day:

  A comparison of meet points shows that the Pulse Plan has five times the number of meets than LeeTran has at the Transfer Center, which means it's five times easier to catch a connecting bus with the Pulse Plan on Cape Coral Parkway!
  Not only that, but every time the 330 Bus rolls hourly into the Bell Tower, there are the 250 Buses (East and West) waiting to take passengers to the Airport or to the Beach within 30 minutes time!

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