"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 320

   The 2020 TDP recommended a route from the Edison Mall to Santa Barbara in Cape Coral and the Pulse Plan has taken this to heart.
  The 320 Route is the Edison Mall to West Cape Coral "express" connection.  The 320 depart the Edison Mall and arrives at Lowe's off Santa Barbara and Veteran's Highway every hour.  From Santa Barbara, the 320 meets with both the 335 and the 340 Routes which service western Cape Coral, including Chiquita and Skyline Parkways.  On the western trip to Santa Barbara, the 320 meets with the northbound 370 Bus at Coralwood Mall, and on the eastern trip back to the Edison Mall, it meets with the southbound 370 Bus at Coralwood.

  Currently, LeeTran has the 120 Bus with an eighty-minute headway, but in the Pulse Plan this is reduced to sixty minutes (as are all the routes in the Pulse Plan.)   This results in "clockface" time, which is one of the main priorities in the 2020 TDP.  By having routes on "clockface," patrons have a much easier time planning for their trips and, more importantly, connections throughout the system are enhanced.

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