"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 320

  The 320 is the Edison Mall to Cape Coral Hospital "express" connection.  The 320 arrives at Cape Coral Hospital in 18 minutes from the Edison Mall, where passengers can take any of four other Cape Coral routes to any other destination in Cape Coral or North Fort Myers.  Presently, LeeTran has the 120 Route running on an 80-minute headway, but with the Pulse Plan it runs every hour on the hour!  

  The Pulse Plan is able to arrive at it destinations in Cape Coral on a much more timely basis than is possible now with present LeeTran service!  Here is a table comparing LeeTran service with the Pulse Plan's.

  Although the 320 no longer stops at the Coralwood Mall (except on Sundays,) passengers wishing to go to Coralwood can easily access it from the Cape Coral Hospital and get there within 29 minutes of having left the Edison Mall -- again, every hour on the hour.   It takes a little longer to get to the Edison Mall from Coralwood, (a little over half an hour,)  but the difference in headways, access to major hubs in the Cape and the ability to move around the County freely, is well worth this time.

For times relating to Country Club south of Veteran's Parkway, please refer to the following link:  

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