"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 320   

  The 320 Route directly connects the Edison Mall to West Cape Coral.  The 320 departs the Edison Mall and arrives at Coralwood Mall to drop off passengers for the 370 northbound at :58 after the hour.  Thereafter, it arrives at Home Depot off Skyline and Veteran's Highway, where it meets with both the 335 and the 340 Routes at :06 to :07 after the hour.  (The Home Depot at Skyline might be preferable to Target off Santa Barbara, because the 335 and 340 Routes gain six minutes per hour, and the area for buses to park is better.)  Afterwards, the 320 travels west on Veterans and takes a ten-minute break at the Surfside Shoppes.  On the return trip to the Edison Mall, the 320 is able to pick up passengers from the 335 and the 340 off Veterans Parkway off Santa Barbara and Country Club Blvds.  When it arrives at Del Prado, it a right-hand turn south. where it picks up passengers from the southbound 370 Bus near St. Andrew's Catholic Church.  Then, it turns east on SE 26th Av. to head over the Midpoint Bridge.  
  Currently, LeeTran has the 120 Bus with an eighty-minute headway, but in the Pulse Plan this is reduced to sixty minutes (as are all the routes in the Pulse Plan.)   This results in "clockface" time, which is one of the main priorities in the 2020 TDP.  By having routes on "clockface," patrons have a much easier time planning for their trips and, more importantly, timely connections throughout the system.

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