"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 260

  Presently, the 60 Route has a lengthy headway of 85 minutes.   LeeTran agrees that the 60 Route is underutilized because the time between trips is so long.  Its solution is to do away with the 60 Route and replace it with microtransit.  However, the Pulse Plan offers a much different plan by reconfiguring the 60 Route to make it into a sixty-minute headway fixed route.  (See below:)

   Customers in San Carlos Park expect hourly service and they haven't been getting it!  Tindale's plan to run two buses down Ben Hill Griffin wastes money for an entire bus that is not needed, that dead-ends at Miromar Outlets and that still has 70-minute headways!  The Pulse Plan runs one bus at 60-minute headways and gives hourly service to apartment buildings going up on Three Oaks Parkway.
  Moreover, the 260 plays a vital role in providing a route from Lehigh Acres to South Lee County.   The 260 Bus is able to shuttle passengers from both the Hilton Garden Inn on Alico Road to northbound and southbound 240 Buses every hour they arrive at Drews Community Center.  The following map shows how this crucial 260 Route is in offering this service:

  In this map, the Pulse Plan saves over four hours round-trip between E 12th St. in Lehigh Acres and Lovers Key!  Of course, not only from E 12th St. to Lover's Key, but also to Creekside Naples and back to Lehigh can the 260 Route help to greatly diminish travel times.  Also, FGCU gets the benefit of a LeeTran bus being available for students every half-hour instead of every 85 minutes as is the case now.