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Route 260

  The  260 route is designed to operate as a 40-minute double-loop route, instead of an 85-minute single loop route.  This effectively cuts the headway of the route in half, as seen below in this representation of meets in the vicinity of San Carlos Marketplace.

  The 260 Bus is able to pick up passengers from both the northbound and southbound 240 Buses every time they arrive in and around San Carlos Park.  And whenever they can, the 240 Buses help the 260 to save time by meeting it up near Drews Community Center (about a 2-3 minute diversion off US 41, saving the 260 Bus about 10 minutes on its circuit.)
  Significantly, on every circuit, the 260 Bus meets with the 250 Bus every hour at :23 past the hour at Hilton Alico Hotel.  Three minutes later, it meets with FGCU's West Lake Trolley near the West Lake Village Apartments.  This enables passengers from the Bell Tower and the Airport to be shuttled to FGCU's campus in just a matter of minutes, instead of literal hours as is the case now.  Also, FGCU gets the benefit of a LeeTran bus being available for students on the average of every 45 minutes instead of every 85 minutes as is the case now.  For a description of how people can access FGCU coming and going with the Pulse Schedule, (including how the present service is,) please visit our page:  FGCU.  For an animation of how buses coordinate their routes to meet with each other in South Lee County again visit:  South Lee County Animation.

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