"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 255

  Route 255 is a re-designed route which was previously the southern part of Route 130.  Route 130 is represented in the graphic above with the red and orange lines.  The red line accounts for 30 minutes and the orange line accounts for 20 minutes (with ten minutes of break time at Old Gladiolus.)
  Since the red part of the route is already being traversed by the 250 Bus, it is not necessary to have a second bus (either the 130 or 255 Bus) cover the same area.  We can free up that time for the 255 Bus to service the Sanibel Outlets and to head out to US 41 by Old Gladiolus (in essence, taking a north-south route and turning it into an east-west route.)  It seems reasonable to have public transportation going to Lakes Park, and customers at the Beach Park and Ride would have a much shorter time to wait for a connecting bus into town (since there is over half an hour average wait for Beach Trolley passengers who wish to travel to the Bell Tower or to Sanibel Outlets.)  With the Pulse Plan, there is always a bus heading to US 41 within 10 minutes of having arrived at Summerlin Square from the Beach, and always a ride to Sanibel Outlets at :07 after the hour, (when the Trolley arrives from the Beach two out of every three times.) 

   The 255 Route offers hourly service to the southbound 240-600 Bus running out of the Bell Tower.  This is perfect for FGCU students needing a quick ride back to campus, or for anyone heading southbound towards Naples.
  Another name for the 255 Route could be the "Iona Circulator Route."  It perfectly coordinates with the 400 Trolley and the 250 Bus, giving it a 30-minute headway for east- and west-bound trips to the Bell Tower and San Carlos Park.  (The current headway offered by LeeTran at the hospital is only 67 minutes.)  

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