"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 250

The 250 route is essentially the same as it was before, except that the trip to Sanibel Outlets has been removed and given to the 255 Route.   Also, a three-minute diversion to the Hilton Alico Hotel on the eastern side of the route has been added to the route.  Additionally, the headway of the route has been shortened from 68 minutes to 60 minutes to allow for regular meets at the Bell Tower.  Recovery time for the 250 driver has been considered by having the 260 route take over the trip to the Airport once every three trips to allow the 250 driver a 16-minute break at the Hilton Alico Hotel.  The 250 Route is designed to meet up with the 330 Route from Cape Coral every hour at the Bell Tower, with the 130 Route every hour at FSW College and with the 255 Route every time it comes into Summerlin Square and also every time that it leaves the Iona area.  

  Below is the schedule for the 250 Bus:

  The great thing about 250 Route is that it is synchronous with so many other routes:  the 115, the 130, the 140, the 180, the 240, the 255, the 260, the 330 and the 400.  That's nine different routes with which the 250 has regular meets throughout the entire day!  To see how the 250 lines up with all these routes, please see the South Lee County Animation!  

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