"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 25

  Route 25 is how we can use the extra bus of the old 20 Route, which was subsumed by the 95 Route.  It is simply a Palm Beach Boulevard express bus which meets with the 95 Buses every half-hour at the Eastside Shopping Center at Marsh and Palm Beach.  There is the possibility that this particular route could be covered by the Downtown Trolley (saving the expense of running an extra bus.)  Terry Park is the place where Roberto Clemente used to practice and so this could conceivably be a sight of historic importance in promoting Fort Myers. 

  Route 25 is shown below in dark blue, stretching from downtown Fort Myers to Palm Beach and Marsh.

  Here is the meet sheet (on the left) for those three buses (the 95 eastbound, 95 westbound and the Route 25 express bus) meeting at Eastside Shopping Center.  And Route 25's schedule is on the right:


  Route 25 can simply be considered a continuation of the 95 Route directly into downtown Fort Myers.  Since Palm Beach is a major highway into Fort Myers, it seems correct that all parts of Palm Beach Boulevard should be covered, not with some parts (such as the part of Palm Beach Boulevard between Shoemaker and Marsh) omitted as is the case now.

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