"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 240

  The 240 is the "glue" which will hold together transit in South Lee County.  The 240 meets at every opportunity with the 140, 180 and 250 Buses at the Bell Tower, and when not possible -- to be within 25 to 35 minutes of those routes.  (See Bell Tower meet sheet.)  In addition, the 240 meets with the 600 Bus at every opportunity at Coconut Pointe.  (See the Coconut Pointe meet sheet.)  There is also a meet with the 255 at Old Gladiolus and across the street at the WalMart and Six-Mile Cypress, and finally, the 240 meets with the 260 Bus every time it approaches San Carlos Park.

  The 240 Route is expanded from an 85-minute to a 90-minute headway, which keeps it synchronous with all the routes in its vicinity.  (Click here to see an animation of this area!)  Break times average eight minutes an hour, and the preferred point for recovery time is the northbound trip at San Carlos Marketplace, which has a McDonald's Restaurant for drivers to take food and rest.

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