"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 180

  Route 180 services Metro Parkway, Page Park, South Fort Myers High School and Gulf Coast Hospital.  Presently it is run as a 97-minute route which defies any attempt to synchronize it with other routes.  However, the Pulse Plan comes to the rescue by taking off the Metro - Broadway loop from the route and putting it onto the 101 Route, saving about 15 minutes, and allowing the 180 to become a 60-minute route with recovery time built in.  The 180 Route takes passengerrs from the 710 Route, so that the driver can have a well-deserved twenty-minute break at McDonalds at the corner of Metro and Colonial.    Additionally, the 180 and 130 buses can transfer passengers between themselves at Palm Av and US 41.  This enables passengers from Page Park to ride to Florida Southwestern College and the Beach, and passengers from Pine Manor to ride to South Fort Myers High School and the Airport or FGCU without the need to stop at the Bell Tower!

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