"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 140

  The 140 route is the backbone of the LeeTran operation, but it too is not synchronized with the rest of the transit system.  Presently, the 140 has a 125-minute circuit, which results in a headway of 20.83 minutes.  We could have more consistent times if we made the route a uniform 120 minutes, but important also is making sure that the 140 drivers have their 15-minute recovery time every circuit!  This can be accomplished by inserting an extra bus into the rotation about midway through the work day.  On-call drivers can run one hour during the middle of the work day to provide their co-workers additional break time.  Even though the 140 Route would be tightened up by five minutes, drivers would still be able to enjoy one hour of recovery time during their 8-hour work day.
   By normalizing the headway of the 140 Route to 120 minutes, we are able to ensure that there is a regularity of meets as Rosa Parks, Edison Mall and Bell Tower.  For example, at Rosa Parks, the 140 Buses always meet at :12,  :32 and :52 after the hour.  At the Edison Mall, a 140 Bus appears every ten minutes throughout the entire day.  At the Bell Tower, a 140 bus always appears at :17, :37 and :57 after the hour.

   The rows that are highlighted in yellow are the main transfer times down US 41.  Every hour, a passenger can make it from Merchant's Crossing to Creekside Naples in two hours and twenty-four minutes.  In contrast, it takes LeeTran an average of over three and a half hours to make the same trek, a savings of over an hour!

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