"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 130

  Currently the 130 Route has two buses which circulate up and down Summerlin Blvd. all the way down to Summerlin Square.  The Pulse Plan splits the 130 Route in half at FSW College, so only one bus is required to run the route instead of two.  The other bus takes over the southern half of the route and becomes the 255 Route.  However, it is actually the 250 Route from the Bell Tower that takes passengers from the 130 to Summerlin Square (at the pickup point at Cypress Lake by the Martinique Condos,) while the 255 circulates those passengers down and around Gladiolus and San Carlos Blvd (including Sanibel Outlets) after passengers have disboarded from the 250 Bus at the Beach Park and Ride.

  The 130 Route also helps the Cape Coral (Midpoint Bridge) 320 route with taking breaks.  The two routes converge at 1500 Colonial and the 130 is able to take the 320's passengers into the Edison Mall.  The 320 Bus can cross slowly at Rarco St. (3mph) turn left on Royal Palm Square, left on Summerlin, left on Colonial and wait for the 130 Bus to return with passengers from Edison Mall at 1499 Colonial Blvd., at the turn lane in front of Chase Bank.  Since the 320 is the express route from the Edison Mall to Cape Coral, time is at a premium and every minute counts.  The 130 is able to supply the extra time needed for the 320 driver to recover from his rapid duties, and because the Pulse Plan has been designed that these two routes should coincide every hour, the break is able to be accomplished.

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