"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 105
  Route 105 is the lilac route shown in the graphic below.  Presently, it runs as an 80-minute route, but since the pulse runs on multiples of 60 minutes, we want to make sure the route runs as a 60-minute route.  We service the Michigan and Marsh transfer point, offering a point of connectivity for people living in the East Fort Myers area.  This results in a quick trip to the Colonial WalMart and back. Customers can save over two hours taking a round-trip between Riverdale and Lehigh Acres too!  

  There are hourly transfers also between the 105 Routes and the eastbound 710 Route at Rolfes Road off Colonial.  On the return trip, passengers are picked up by the 105 Route from the 710 Route at Colonial and Ortiz just after :43 past the hour.  These pickups are detailed in the schedule below:

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