"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Route 101

  Route 101 is the tan route in the graphic below, running from Rosa Parks to Edison Mall on Fowler St., and also circling the Edison Mall coming down Metro Parkway and back up on Broadway (this area taken over from the 80 Route.)  Presently the 101 [10] Route has a headway of 80 minutes, (since it covers not only Fowler Street, but also Edison Avenue) but we've brought this down to 60 minutes by eliminating Edison Av. and re-routing it to the 20 Route. 

  The way that the 101 Route is constructed is that those people who live in the apartments off Metro Parkway (Westwood and Westchase) can catch the bus at :02 after the hour to arrive at the Edison Mall in time to catch any bus they wish at the prime time of :17 after the hour, every hour.  

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