"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Riverdale <--> Lehigh Acres

(Analysis -- Using the Route 105 Interface)

  A round-trip between Riverdale and Lehigh Acres, using LeeTran service, takes on average 268 minutes, or about four and half hours.  With the Pulse Plan passengers can take advantage of the Route 105 Interface between the 95 Route and the 110 Route at Michigan and Marsh to save up to two hours (120 minutes) off their round-trip!

(Number of trips on the left, and duration measured in hours on the bottom. Pulse Plan in aqua, and LeeTran durations in light orange.)     

  When we compare trips and durations between the Pulse Plan and LeeTran's current service, we can see that the Pulse Plan is superior both in shorter times and the number of trips.  Notice that on both graphs all the trips of the Pulse System are faster than every one of the corresponding trips of LeeTran's current service!  

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