"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

  This page is an overview where the major ideas of the Pulse Plan could be accessed all at once and in an easy way.  Compare our recommendations for improving LeeTran with LeeTran's own recommendations to increase frequency and buses (at a cost of many millions of dollars.)  In contrast, our recommendations require only changes in the bus schedule -- with results that are a huge improvement over the present service!  

South Lee County --
1)  We can cut the headway in half (or double the frequency) of the 260 Route by making it a double-loop route running every forty minutes instead of single-loop route running every eighty-five minutes.
2)  We can double the meets at FGCU by interfacing with FGCU's West Lake Shuttle near Gulf Coast Town Center's Target Store instead of spending fifteen minutes duplicating the Shuttles' own route to the college campus.
3)  We can normalize the time of the 240 Route by making it a ninety-minute route instead of an 85-minute route.  This will synchronize the 240 with the 600 at Coconut Pointe, the 240 with the 260 at San Carlos Park, and the 240 with the 140, 180, 250, 330 at Bell Tower!
4)  We should create a place for the 250, 260 and 115 buses to interface at Homewood Suites Drive near the Hilton Garden Inn on Alico Road, so that those buses can exchange passengers, have their break time for 15-minutes and save customers hours on their trips to and from Lehigh Acres.
5)  We can cut the 130 route in half and take the southern part to create a new east-west route at Summerlin Square which transfers passengers to the Sanibel Outlets going westbound and to Lakes Park and Old Gladiolus Rd running eastbound. (Route 255)

Lehigh Acres --
6)  We can run the 115 Route in such a way where it can make its way on the Daniels Road Extension to Homewood Suites Drive to pick up and drop off passengers for the Airport, FGCU, GCTC, San Carlos Park and South Lee County every three hours.  The "Lehigh Loops" area can be run once hourly, instead of twice an hour.  The 110 Route is able to cover Leland Heights and Joel Blvd. while the 115 heads to the Hilton Hotel, and when the 110 Route returns to Fort Myers, its passengers can be transferred to the 180 Route while the driver takes a break at the McDonalds on the corner of Colonial and Metro.
7)  If the County wished to make access to public transit more available in Lehigh Acres, they could run a partial route (similar to the 40 Route in Cape Coral) where people could be picked up in the "backlands" of Lehigh.  The route would run only six hours a day, with one-third the number of hours as the 115, and one third the cost as well!  Customers could be picked up between 5:50 to 7:50 both in the morning and in the evening, and they would have access to the express route running to the Airport and FGCU as well.  See:  Lehigh Auxiliary Route

Cape Coral --
8)  We can make all routes in Cape Coral of the same headway (in multiples of 60 minutes,) so that they can meet together with each other all day long on Cape Coral Parkway and at the Cape Coral Hospital.   At or near the Cape Coral Hospital is the ideal location for North Cape Coral bus transfers. 
9)  The 595 Bus  can interface with the 340 and 370 Buses on North Del Prado, Hancock Bridge Parkway and Pondella Road to provide maximum integration and flexibility between the North Fort Myers and Cape Coral routes.

Edison Mall --
10)  We can make the "5" Route [105 Route] into a 90-minute route instead of an 80-minute route where it can interface with the Lehigh Acres route on Colonial and the Forum and also shuttle passengers back and forth at Michigan and Marsh.  Customers can save up to two hours traveling between Lehigh Acres and Palm Beach Boulevard! 
11)  We can make the 320 Route a 60-minute express route to Cape Coral Hospital, instead of an 80-minute route to Cape Coral Transfer Center and Coralwood Mall, offering passengers on Country Club Blvd improved hourly instead of 80-minute service.
12)  We can transform the 180 [80] Route into a 90-minute route instead of 97-minute route, fully integrating it into the Edison Mall and Bell Tower schedules by taking off the Metro-Broadway Loop from the 80 Route and giving it to the "10" Route where it can offer hourly service to patrons at the apartment complexes off the 3000 Block of Metro Parkway.
13)  The 140 Route can be standardized from a 125-minute route into a 120-minute route so that meets at major transfer hubs will be at the same minute and hour throughout the day.  We can use the 340 Route to provide an extra circuit to the 140 schedule so that drivers will have adequate recovery time at Merchant's Crossing in the course of their working day.
14)  Make the 130 Route into a single-bus hourly route instead of a double-bus two-hour route.  The extra bus can be used to service Summerlin at San Carlos as the 255 Route.

Rosa Parks --
15)  We want to eliminate Route 20 as it presently exists.  We can restructure that route so that it services Shoemaker and Edison Avenues on an hourly basis instead of every 80 minutes as is the case now.
16)  We can have the Riverdale route come through Marsh and MLK, instead of down through Palm Beach and it will still have enough time to service W. First St. every hour as well.  (See Route 95)
17)  We can have the "101 Route" take over the Metro-Broadway loop off the 80 Route.
18)  From one of the buses of the eliminated 20 Route, we can create a Palm Beach express route interfacing with the 95 [100] Bus at the Eastside Shopping Center and call it Route 25.  The Downtown Trolley can even be used to service this route, saving the expense of running an extra bus.

Michigan-Marsh --
19)  We should look into building a sizeable shelter for patrons to wait for their connecting buses at Michigan and Marsh, as this will become a major hub for bus transfers between the 15, 20, 95 and 105 buses.

Merchant's Crossing --
20)  We can have both the 590 and 595 Bus arrrive at the VA Hospital in Cape Coral.  The 590 will return to Merchant's Crossing where passengers will either board the 140 Bus South, or continue on into Suncoast Estates, and the 595 Bus will enter into Cape Coral where it will drop off its passengers to the 340 Bus at NE 3rd St.  By having both buses access the VA Hospital, it will prevent one bus waiting for the other to return to Merchant's Crossing and it will provide more efficient operation for both routes. 

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