"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

North Fort Myers Routes

    The North Fort Myers Routes are the "end of the line" for the 140 Route on its northern limit.  The Pulse Plan has two points of difference from present LeeTran service:  1) it has both the 590 and 595 servicing the VA Hospital in Cape Coral in order to eliminate the need for one bus to wait for the other on its return trip to Merchant's Crossing, and 2) both routes have 60 minute ("clock time") headways instead of 50 minute headways.  LeeTran thought they were improving service in North Fort Myers by increasing the number of trips (from 15 to 18 trips,) and in increasing the frequency from 60 minutes to 50 minutes, but in terms of total efficiency for the entire system, it doesn't actually provide the best service to the people of North Fort Myers.  The analysis demonstrates this.  We see that the Pulse Plan improves operational efficiency better by synchronizing routes, rather than on increasing the frequency of routes alone.  In some cases, such as traveling from the VA Hospital to the SW Cape Coral Library and back, the round-trip time saved was on average an amazing two hours and 15 minutes!  Indeed, the round-trip time of every origin and destination in North Fort Myers and Cape Coral improved as a result of the Pulse Plan's scheduling.  Here are the links to the 590 and 595.