"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  The Pulse Plan envisions Michigan-Marsh as a central place for the 15, 20, 95 and 105 buses to make transfers on the eastern side of Fort Myers.  It would save time for passengers who wouldn't need to travel to Rosa Parks or Edison Mall in order to change buses.  The Michigan-Marsh "Triangle" already has  in fact seven LeeTran bus stops along its perimeter!  A shelter near the eastern and north-eastern side of the triangle would protect customers from the elements while waiting for their connecting bus.

  Here is a map showing the confluence of the 15, 20, 95 and 105 routes at Michigan and Marsh, on the back side of Fleamasters Fleamarket:

  And here is the Pulse Plan meetsheet for showing when buses would be arriving at Michigan and Marsh: