"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  Below is a representation of how the main routes in and out of Lehigh Acres are designed.  The map with red lines is the present LeeTran model --it shows only one way in and out of Lehigh.  The map with the blue lines is the proposed Pulse Plan, showing not only two ways out of Lehigh Acres, but also more direct access to points around the County.  For example,  
  1)  the Daniels Road Corridor leads directly to the the Airport, Hilton Alico, FGCU and San Carlos Park.
  2)  the 105 Bus at the Forum can take passengers to the Michigan-Marsh hub, offering a more direct route to the Riverdale Shopping Center (and saving over an hour in round-trip time.)
  3)  the Edison Mall offers a direct route over the Midpoint Bridge to the Cape Coral Hospital where transfers all other routes within Northern Cape Coral and North Fort Myers can be made:

  The basic strategy to service Lehigh Acres using more direct and multiple routes is confirmed by the following analysis.  Our recommendations show improvement in all three areas of Duration, Headway and Number of Trips in and out of Lehigh Acres.  Notice that, generally, the time saved going in one direction to any particular destination is improved by over an hour, and in many cases, up to one and a half to two hours or more!

The specific analysis of schedules upon which the above chart relies is shown with the files below (right-click and open in new tab:)

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