"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  A major goal of the Pulse Plan is to add "short cuts" and connections between major transfer points.  [See:  Connectivity]  This is to save time for passengers between these points!  The Pulse Plan has identified Hilton Alico Hotel as a place where the 50, 60 and 115 buses could all meet to exchange passengers, saving hours for passengers off those travel times.  Thus, the question was posed to LeeTran: 

  Once again, in this answer, we can see that LeeTran is more concerned about "wait times" than it is about "travel times!"  The fact of the matter is that the Alico Road connection will save many many hours in "overall travel times," as can be demonstrated by the following comparisons of "travel times:"

  The Pulse Plan saves the passenger over three and a half hours average off LeeTran's present durations!  And, the Pulse Plan can also save more than two hours off the Tindale-Oliver recommendation to run two buses from Bell Tower to Miromar Outlets and add two more buses to the 140 Schedule -- (all without the $1.5 million dollar price tag!)  It is quite incorrect for LeeTran to say that three hours "wait time" between trips is "unreasonable" for passengers to take an express bus service, because the alternative is to take a regular bus (from Lehigh to Lover's Key, for example) for an over seven and a half hours round-trip!  Is this what LeeTran has in mind as a "reasonable" alternative?
  LeeTran refuses to accept that having a transfer point near Hilton Alico won't cost any more money than the present budget can afford, claiming that it would require "additional resources" and more buses to "accommodate longer alignment."  But here it is clear that LeeTran is re-interpreting what the Pulse Plan actually proposes -- just one bus!  Instead, they are re-interpreting running three buses every hour between Lehigh and Alico Road.  Since the Pulse Plan does not propose running these extra buses, why is LeeTran reconstruing the argument against the cost for running those buses?  In the meanwhile, shouldn't bus patrons be given the opportunity to save time getting to their destinations?  And is this not eminently reasonable?  Does LeeTran intend that there should not be one bus running down the Daniels Corridor to save hours for passengers between Lehigh and South Lee County? Does it seem "reasonable" that LeeTran would work against the idea to save passengers hours on their "overall travel time," even while they claim it's their "major goal?"  Finally, while a passenger chooses to wait on a bus, are they not still on their own time?  However, when a passenger is actually riding on a bus, it is not LeeTran's duty to convey that passenger to their destination expeditiously?  LeeTran's concern should be how to minimize the time a passenger spends on a bus, which is their rightful duty, as opposed to how much time a passenger spends away from a bus, which is not.