"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Healthpark Hospital

  Here is the meet sheet for service currently rendered by LeeTran at Healthpark Hospital.  There are 13 trips from the Hospital to Summerlin Square every 67 minutes, and 14 trips from the Hospital to Bell Tower every 67 minutes.  There are also 13 trips from the Healthpark to San Carlos Park which average about 59 minutes.

  Here is the meetsheet for the Pulse Plan:

  There are 47 stops at the Hospital.  Fifteen of those stops are a six-minute trip from Summerlin Square to the Hospital at :15 after hour, and 32 of those stops are a ten-minute (average) trip every half-hour (:02 and :30) from the Hospital to Summerlin Square. 
  There are 32 trips from the Hospital to San Carlos Park averaging about 43 minutes (which is about 15 minutes quicker and more than double the number of trips that LeeTran currently offers.)
   Moreover, every time a passenger comes in from the Sanibel Outlets area, they have immediate access to the 250 Bus and the 400 Bus at San Carlos Blvd./Summerlin Road intersection.  When someone comes off Fort Myers Beach, they can get immediately to Sanibel Outlets with a bus connection at :07 after the hour, or they can go immediately to Lakes Park and Old Gladiolus at :43 after the hour.
  And....passengers can also go to Lakes Park from Summerlin Square, which has not been a feature of LeeTran's service previously!
  The Pulse Plan offers far superior service to LeeTran's present service without adding a single bus, simply by the judicious re-alignment of routes.

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