"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Fort Myers Beach Routes

  Normally, there are two Beach Trolleys servicing Estero Island.  Beginning in the fall and lasting until Easter-time, the Beach fills up with visitors and spring-breakers, and LeeTran responds with adding up to six different trolleys on Estero Island.  Sometimes traffic runs at 2 miles per hour!  When conditions run so crowded, synchronizing routes isn't practical, so running routes as direct and as numerous between the Beach Park and Ride and Times Square on Estero Island makes sense.
  Nevertheless, having two separate routes which traverse the same streets isn't very practical either.  Such is the case with the 130 Route and the 50 Route, which both use Winkler Avenue to approach Summerlin Square from the north.  The Pulse Plan's solution is to convert the 130 Route into the 255, resulting in an east-west movement of passengers from Summerlin Square, and allowing a short-cut southward from the Beach to San Carlos Park and FGCU.  On average a round-trip from FGCU to Lover's Key and back, using the Pulse Plan's 255 short-cut, saves any passenger two hours and 42 minutes over LeeTran's current service!
  Coordination between the Beach Trolley and the 650 Route has been restored under the Pulse Plan.  LeeTran abandoned its afternoon service commitment with the Bonita Springs Route at Lover's Key in November of 2018 in order to accommodate better the connection with Collier Area Transit at Creekside in Naples.  It is good when two transit agencies are able to work with each other to come up with a viable plan, but not so good when an agency makes changes unilaterally or when one agency tries to accommodate another while making its own system worse!  
  The 400 Route was created with a 55-35 minute interval instead of a 45-45 minute interval, so that it busea could meet with the 250 and 255 hourly routes at Summerlin Square without passengers having to wait for their bus.
  Although there is only one regular 400 Route for much of the year, during season, the 400 is split into the 410 Route from Summerlin Square to Estero Island, and the 490 Route up and down Estero Island.

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