"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

   LeeTran currently services Florida Gulf Coast University twelve times a day with an average headway not shorter than 76 minutes.  Many destinations take an unusually long time, although they are very close to the University, such as the Southwest Florida International Airport, which takes on average 116 minutes to arrive there (see column three below.)

   In contrast, the Pulse Plan services the University thirty times a day, every half hour, interfacing with the University's own West Lake Shuttle.  By meeting with the Shuttle, about 15 minutes a trip can be saved to service other areas of the route and to make service more frequent throughout San Carlos Park.  

  In the graph below, we can see that the time saved accessing the Airport and Lehigh Acres from FGCU exceeds over an hour one-way!  (Black blocks with white numbers.)

Below are the FGCU arrivals from different parts of the County (currently provided by LeeTran:)

  Notice above that the time it takes to get to the University from the Airport, Creekside Naples, Lehigh Acres and Cape Coral's SW Library is over two hours!  Simply coming in from the Bell Tower is over an hour's ordeal!  Below is the Pulse Plan's solution for better service:

  Trips from the Bell Tower can be as quick as 31 minutes and all trips from Naples Creekside are under 90 minutes.  From the graph below we can see that two hours average (119 minutes) are saved from the one-way trip from the Airport to FGCU, and more than an hour's average is saved from Lehigh, SW Library in Cape Coral and Naples Creekside in arriving a FGCU.