"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  One of the great features of the Pulse System is in having multiple ways to get to one's destination.  This results in an "anywhere to anywhere" type of system, which greatly enhances the passenger's freedom to choose where and how he or she wishes to go.  Not only does this help with easing congestion and overcrowding on main trunk lines, but it guarantees equal access for people who live along these parallel or alternate routes.  In Cape Coral, for example, anyone who lives on Del Prado, Country Club or Santa Barbara can have equal access to destinations throughout the County, and those who live outside Cape Coral can also have multiple ways to arrive inside the Cape.  Take, for example, a customer who wants to travel to the Southwest Cape Coral Library from Riverdale Shopping Center.  LeeTran has only three ways of accessing the library -- via Rosa Parks, Edison Mall and Bell Tower, but the Bell Tower is the only way of getting there within two and half hours!  Going in a different direction could result in a trip taking as long as four hours!  And LeeTran offers only eight trips throughout the day which utilize this Bell Tower route.

  The Pulse Plan, on the other hand, provides seven different ways of accessing the library, resulting in 187 different trips getting to the library -- and... every trip takes less than two and a half hours!

  The Pulse Plan's average duration is 39 minutes shorter than LeeTran's present service, which is significant, but a side-by-side comparison shows just how dramatic the difference between the two services really is:

  The Pulse Plan offers 97 different ways of getting to the Cape Library within two hours time -- but LeeTran, only one.  The Pulse Plan offers 187 different ways of getting to the library within 2.5 hours -- but LeeTran, only eight.  The average time of getting to the library with LeeTran's present service is between 2.5 and 3.49 hours.   Which service is the one most commuters would prefer?  Which is the service one would reasonably expect to generate more ridership?
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