"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  Befficiency we mean both:  1) how quickly (duration) and how often (headway) a passenger can be moved from point A to Point B, and also 2) how well one makes use of one's own resources in getting the most from one's own transit system.

  The Tindale-Oliver plan proposes (based on the only maps supplied to the public by the company) to run two buses from Bell Tower to Miromar Outlets in Estero, servicing the Airport and FGCU twice an hour -- but is this an efficient plan?

Tindale Map

  Besides costing an extra $500,000 in operational costs, this extra bus is not used particularly well since both buses must retrace the same steps along the same route going in opposite directions.  For example, one bus will appear at the Airport to take people to Miromar Outlets and then within ten minutes another bus will appear at the Airport to take people in the opposite direction to the Bell Tower.  First of all, would very many people opt to take a bus to the Miromar Outlets as their destination off an airplane?  Isn't the route to Miromar Outlets essentially a cul-de-sac leading to nowhere?  And why would someone take a bus at the Airport to Miromar Outlets only to return to the Airport twenty or thirty minutes later on the way back to the Bell Tower?  Essentially, since both buses follow the same route, there isn't really a thirty-minute headway at all (LeeTran even says this route will be 70 minutes long.)  It will still average an hour to get to Bell Tower whether one goes directly to the Bell Tower by one bus (about thirty minutes every hour,) or via detour to Miromar Outlets first, and then to the Bell Tower (about ninety minutes every hour.)  There's no advantage to running two buses for people wanting to integrate into the main trunk line at the Bell Tower on US 41, since there's no reduction in time heading to the Bell Tower, and there's no advantage in multiple bus service to a dead-end destination like Miromar Outlets.
  In contrast, the Pulse Plan says, "Why run two buses, when one bus will work just as well?"  Typically, people want to head home or to their hotel room after flying for hours on a plane, not to go shopping in Estero!  Furthermore, the Pulse Plan believes that every route should somehow connect with another route, not just double up on reaching a cul-de-sac!  The entire conception of this route is flawed.  It costs major money and it really doesn't go anywhere!  Really, not a lot of thought went into planning this route!