"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


 The Pulse Plan offers greatly reduced durations (the time it takes to get to one's destination) for bus patrons.  An example of this is a round-trip from Lehigh Acres to FGCU and back, which presently takes on average 329 minutes, or about five and half hours.  

  Establishing a direct express route (red route below) between Lehigh Acres and South Lee County via the Daniels Road Corridor would greatly diminish this time, and it would offer bus service to people living off 23 St. SW in Lehigh Acres and people living and working in the Gateway community as well!  (As well as service to Jet Blue Park!)

  The current LeeTran service (blue route) is 38.6 miles long.  The red route (starting from Homestead) is only 17.8 miles long -- less than half the distance!  Google Maps estimates the ETA for the blue route (by car) at 85 minutes and for the red route (from Homestead) only 33 minutes, better than a 250% reduction in time!  Here is an analysis of the schedules offered by the Pulse Plan:

  Using the Daniels Road Corridor, the Lehigh-FGCU round-trip takes only 138 minutes using the express routes, compared to the average of 329 minutes of LeeTran's plan -- that's a savings of over three hours in round-trip time!1
1Three hours computation is based on the West Lake Trolley's not changing its schedule.  If the West Lake Trolley attends to the Hilton Hotel, (only three minutes away,) an extra 53 minutes could be added to the Lehigh commuter's round trip time saved, resulting in a savings of over four hours (244 minutes.)  


 Here are how the schedules of the two 110 Buses and the 115 Bus would line up to accomplish the task:  

The proposed plan provides regular service from Homestead down Joel to E 12th St. every hour at :33 after the hour (a thirty-two minute round-trip,) with express trips early in the morning and late in the evening, for a total of 19 trips during the day (LeeTran presently offers only 16 trips a day at :05 after the hour.)   
Significantly, this express service down Daniels Corridor can be offered at minimal cost.  A half million dollars (per annum) is not needed for an extra bus, and a simple re-alignment of schedules will save the passenger many hours on the bus, resulting in reliable service down Daniels Parkway to access the Airport, FGCU, Gulf Coast Town Center and San Carlos Marketplace from Lehigh Acres and back.  
  For a discussion on how Lehigh residents who live on the fringes of their city can better access public transit, please see the page on the Lehigh Auxiliary route. 

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