"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Customer Satisfaction

  Most businesses depend upon satisfying the customer to stay in business!  When this plan was first proposed, the Director of LeeTran at that time said, "We appreciate what you've done, but the public pretty much takes whatever we give them."  In other words, LeeTran didn't see the need to provide superior service to the public, and was not too concerned about providing inadequate service!  

  On LeeTran's own Facebook page, the public has given 2.9 stars out of five stars for LeeTran's service performance, and they have voiced their concerns:

  Moreover, the same voices about passengers not getting to where they needed to go in a timely way was echoed in the interviews in the 2017 Transit Development Plan: 
  The mission of the Pulse Plan is to fix these inadequacies and to provide superior service for Lee County residents and citizens.  "Business as usual" is not what residents in Lee County want from their public transit!  If there's a better way to run the system, it should be adopted!  The solution is the Pulse Plan which costs the County hardly anything, (less than 2% of the budget for the 720  Supplementary Route -- if needed,) but offers greatly improved travel times for all members of the public, 300% more connections than the present system, greater number of trips, better headways... there is no downside!  Good service means happy customers, good drivers will feel better about offering better service to their customers and good LeeTran managers will also reap dividends (both monetarily and in terms of pride) from rendering better service to the public.

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