"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  The Cape Coral Hospital is an important transfer point within the Pulse System, designed to provide ease of transfer between all the routes in North Cape Coral every hour.  LeeTran is opposed to having the Cape Hospital as a major transfer point, but it's reasoning is suspect.  For example, the driveway in front of the Hospital is full of space.  Five buses could easily fit to the left of this sidewalk in front of the Hospital, where there is currently a LeeTran bus shelter.

  If however the Hospital itself should find fault with this transfer point, another property exists off SE 13th Court:

  The objection to the time to drive (or loop) around the Hospital cannot be taken seriously.  What is the time that LeeTran considers to be a "significant?"  One or two minutes?  Compared to the hours that are saved for the transit patron, this has to be a judgment that must be rejected!